About WatchWerx

Welcome to WatchWerx … and Watch Doesn’t!

I have been a watch aficionado and collector for most of my life. I also have been SCUBA diving since I was 16, so my interest in sport watches in general and dive watches in particular is well-formed. If you’ve spent any time on WatchUSeek, you likely have seen one or more of my posts under my username ‘iinsic’ (or my current username ‘WatchWerx’). This blog is an outgrowth of the time I have spent on that forum (although I am spending more time on the new International Watch League, which is mentioned in much more detail in a post on this blog … and where my username is once again ‘iinsic’).

My aspiration for this blog is that it be more than a place to introduce new watches. Certainly, I plan to introduce some new watches (the Boschett Harpoon and an exclusive first look at the Helson Turtle already have appeared here). I also plan to introduce some interesting new watch accessories (the new Everest custom rubber strap for Rolex sports watches likely will be the first).

But it also will be a place where discussions of the relative merits of a particular watch will be found. Or of a particular brand. Or of issues with a watch or brand of which a prospective buyer might want to know.

In short, it will deal with a range of watch topics, with a focus on sport and dive watches.

Please check back often to see the latest posts. I also invite you to subscribe by entering your email in the subscription box at the top of the right-hand column, so that you can receive notification of new posts either immediately, or on a daily or weekly basis. Also planned are some watch giveaway contests for which you will need to both “Like” our Facebook page (WatchWerx on Facebook) and have a WatchWerx subscription in order to win, so doing both has the added advantage of possibly expanding your collection in the future.

All the best,

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